In the Field: Visual Art Inspired Erasures

Last week I brought my erasures supplies over to the home of my friend Kit Leffler, a visual artist and printmaker. While I unraveled my outerwear (winter coat, hat, mittens, scarf, second scarf, sweater, second sweater), Kit poured two glasses of wine, one of which she promptly knocked across the kitchen table. We mopped it up, laughing, and cleared off the table. After squabbling over the music for a few minutes–I, arguing for a song with any melody whatsoever, and Kit, defending the non-harmonic– we found an album we could agree on and got to work.

As Kit added gold halos to her painting, I sat across from her and made an erasure poem – inspired by her painting. An unbeknownst collaboration unfolded in the kitchen, atop a freshly mopped-up pool of wine.


Kit’s painting in progress


Rebecca’s erasure poem: “The body is formed from a yellow pigment found in yams”


Thanks to Kit for the cozy workspace and the inspiration! Next time I take care of the music.




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