MPLS Erasures #31: The “What Can You Experience from a Room?” Edition

What can you experience from a room? Come make an erasure poem!


We will meet in the community room at Boneshaker Books in the Seward neighborhood (2002 23rd Ave. S) on Sunday, April 2 from 6-8 pm. Boneshaker does not have a private parking lot; please use street parking. You are welcome to bring a snack or beverage of your choice to enjoy during the session.

The session will begin with a brief introduction for newcomers to the form. We will discuss technique and you will have the chance to look at some published collections of erasure poetry. We will then take pen or paintbrush to page and make our own erasure poems. At the end of the session, you’ll be given the opportunity to share your poem with the group.



– An old book or two that you’re comfortable taking pages from for your poem (a grab bag of pages is provided). Science fiction, technical manuals, children’s books, and school textbooks work nicely. Anything you’d find on the free table at the rummage sale is ideal. Magazines and newspapers are great, too.

– White-out, a Sharpie, or another erasing tool (some provided).

– A snack and/or beverage, if desired.

– A desire to look at written language in a new way, and an interest in talking back to your books!

Your finished erasure poem is a beautiful piece of art, ready to hang on your wall. They also make great gifts!

QUESTIONS? Leave a comment below, or email mplserasures at gmail dot com.


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